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“Your suggestions are really helpful and your perspective and ORGANIZATIONAL abilities make all the difference!!!  

  1. dr. cynthia adams harrison, family business consultant, executive coach and co-author of women in family business: what keeps you up at night?

“I worked with Lisbeth Davidow on various projects that could have not been accomplished without her expertise and professionalism. Since English is my second language, I very much appreciated her endless patience with me and my manuscripts. It was a real pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her and look forward to our next project.”

  1. petra eiko, author, seeds of truth

“Lisbeth’s editing never fails to make my writing clearer, more succinct and to the point.”

  1. miles mogulescu, contributor to the huffington post


“After completing a book of short stories, I wanted to treat myself to something special. Lisbeth's editing service was that thing. Lisbeth is not merely a smart editor, she's an intuitive storyteller, as evidenced by her insightful notes on character and plot."

  1. linda davis, m.f.a., fiction writer

"Lisbeth provided me with structural, stylistic, and grammatical editing services that helped refine my essay and create a professional, polished final version.  Without her skills, I would not have been able to convey my experiences in my essay so effectively.”

  1. micah jacobs, student, babson college m.b.a. program

“Working with Liz, I was saved from the stress and uncertainty that goes into writing a college essay, and I actually enjoyed the process! My writing was given an unbelievable amount of care and attention that pushed me to make it the best it could be. Liz helped me gain confidence in my own writing that not only showed up in the college essays, but I believe will extend through my work in college and beyond.”

  1. stephanie gross, northwestern university undergraduate